Brevistone Data

Brevistone Data functionality is designed for complete user flexibility.

  • Users can cut and paste existing spreadsheets into Brevistone and map data to them to create reusable Templates
  • Users can build spreadsheets within Brevistone to meet their needs
  • Both numerical and text can be abstracted into Brevistone Data

Once extracted into the Brevistone sheet, it can be mapped to any user defined spreadsheet or calculation and users will be able to right click and view source data as needed.

Accounting data can be managed as well and once a template is populated a data can be uploaded into real estate accounting software with no hand keying necessary.

Data is mapped into Brevistone through a system we call predefined terms. These terms can be added to the Data sheet by a simple check box and users can add any new term they need adding to the flexibility of the software.

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