Q: Is Brevistone only for lease documents?

A: No, Brevistone can be used for practically any pdf document including PSA’s, loan documents, contracts, books – any large document you need access to and or want to summarize.

Q: Is Brevistone difficult to learn?

A: Most users find it very intuitive and training generally takes less than an hour.

Q: Can I make custom forms and numerical templates?

A: Yes forms (text) and templates (numbers) are fully customizable.  Users can import and export both into Word or Excel and can copy and paste their current Excel spreadsheets into Brevistone to create templates.

Q: Can I print the original document from Brevistone?

A: Yes the original document can be printed.

Q: Can I add an amendment or additional pages to a document once uploaded?

A: Yes users can add additional pages to a document when needed and do updates as required to the abstract document.

Q: What do I need to run Brevistone?

A: We recommend meeting the following hardware and software specifications:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Internet Connection (required)
  • Microsoft .Net 4.6 (required)
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader/Pro (optional, highly recommended)
  • Dual Core processor running at 2GHz or faster
  • 4GB of ram
  • 1GB of disk space

Q: Does Brevistone automatically populate all my forms and search terms for me?

A: No, Brevistone was not designed to take the professional out of the process, it was designed to make their job much more efficient and have unlimited flexibility in calculating, reporting and customization.