lease administration tool

Our Story

  The Brevistone team has more than 70 years of experience within the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. We have worked in every area of the business, from strategy and development to acquisitions and financial management. Our customers have included foreign and domestic institutions as well as high net worth investors. After working at various companies and running our own advisory firm, we realized that CRE professionals lacked a lease abstracting tool that could produce a live document – not just a static, paper abstract. This CRE abstraction software needed to serve as a document management system for property management (PM) companies, allowing quick and easy access to the lease and its most critical details from one centralized solution. We defined the requirements of the CRE industry, and then our team researched the rigorous demands of those within the asset management and legal fields. The result of our hard work is a document abstracting software that we call Brevistone.    

The Brevistone Difference

Instead of searching through filing cabinets or looking for handwritten notes, Brevistone combines lease abstraction software with electronic document management. It streamlines the entire abstraction process and creates a live document that is tied to the original lease agreement. Custom forms can be created to export data for other uses, and automated features eliminate repetitive data entry and typos. Brevistone brings lease management to a whole new level. Users can abstract, review, search, and manage leases with ease, collecting both numerical data and text in one solution. In fact, Brevistone works with any document, giving firms the ability to abstract and manage agreements for loans, vendors, sales, and partnerships – just to name a few. It makes enterprises more effective, productive, and adept; it doesn’t negate expertise with artificial intelligence or machine learning. Brevistone is dynamic, efficient, and accurate, and it serves as a permanent reference source throughout the life of any document. Schedule a demo today to see the Brevistone difference.