Resource Sharing

The Enterprise Version of Brevistone is designed to create a central resource for your organization. Leases, Vendor Contracts, Purchase and Sale agreements and their corresponding abstracts, spreadsheets etc. are available to your staff no matter their location creating unparalleled access to your information. No more wasting time hunting through file cabinets or waiting to get back to the office to answer an important question.

We provide a turnkey application where files are stored on a cloud based server that is exclusive to your firm. Once created, documents are checked in and out by users so everyone is assured they have the latest version.

Included is a simple workflow solution included that allows users to electronically sign off or approve documents. Once fully approved, documents can then be locked and password protected to assure they are not altered. Locked documents can be localized on user’s machines and worked with without altering the original document.

The software also creates a history of document activity, which includes activity related to:

  • By whom and when documents were checked in and out
  • Electronic Signature History
  • Locking and unlocking history

Please contact us for further information.